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Our sports reporter noted that the Blues were 'lulled into a false sense of security by the suddenness which they scored their first and second goals.
This, the most glorious achievement of the Romantic ballet, provides the highlight of "The Romantic Ballet in England", Ivor Guest's classic study which also describes the developments which led up to it and the sad decline that shortly afterwards overtook ballet with almost dramatic suddenness.
I fell in love with policy and politics and sometimes even today I miss it, especially when I see all of this field of candidates jumping into the race" Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, saying he would have jumped into the presidential race had he been born in the USA "Do not climb over the fence in case suddenness happens" Sign spotted above the bear enclosure at Beijing Zoo.
Do not climb over the fence in case suddenness happens" - sign spotted above the bear enclosure at Beijing Zoo.
An investigation is appropriate, given the suddenness of the closing in September and the allegations of mismanagement that have already been made.
Even so, the suddenness with which everything goes wrong is extraordinary, as is the peculiar lack of command when the boat takes on water and sinks.
The suddenness of the announcement may have initially shocked the common man, but one cannot but agree with the government's move.
The suddenness of our decision and the communication gap with masses the allowed BJP and the Congress to spread falsehood about us and label us as escapists.
However, the suddenness of the cold, the duration of the cold, the cycle from cold to warm, how persistent and intense was the cold, as well as other weather factors.
According to the front desk manager at Shangri-La in Laklouk, reservations at their restaurant went up but room occupancy was still the same this Friday at noon probably because, in his opinion, the suddenness of the storm did not allow for people to make plans yet.
On the contrary, Act Two by P will provide greater insight into its ideological innards, a view that was largely obscured by the suddenness of its victory.
THIS PAST JUNE, a sprawling, jerry-built plywood protrusion sprang up in the middle of a South Bronx housing project with the suddenness of a mushroom patch after a spring rain.