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To initiate a lawsuit or continue a legal proceeding for the recovery of a right; to prosecute, assert a legal claim, or bring action against a particular party.


verb appeal to the law, apply for, ask for relief, bring a legal action, bring an action, bring to justice, bring to the bar, claim, commence a suit, contest, entreat, file a legal claim, file suit, implore, initiate a civil action, inntitute a legal proceeding, institute process, legally pursue, litigate against, make appeal to, orare, petition, plead, preeer a claim, press a claim, pursue a claim, put on trial, seek by request, supplicate, take to court
Associated concepts: power to sue, right to sue, standing to sue
Foreign phrases: Nemo alieno nomine lege agere potest.No one can sue in the name of another.
See also: appeal, call, charge, claim, complain, demand, importune, litigate, prosecute

TO SUE. To prosecute or commence legal proceedings for the purpose of recovering a right.

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Bob and Jeff Suer are tremendous business people, but most importantly they are individuals whose word I trust and feel comfortable referring business to.
Cats, rabbits and rodents can also suer from health issues after eating chocolate, although cases are much less common when compared to dogs.
It was only when Suer made one last check of the empty bins that he found the torn brown sack way back in the corner.
We knew that to reach our goals and take our distribution systems to the next level, we had to automate," says Suer.
Star Quality's Brian Le Suer and Kelly Adams Discuss Factors for Test Automation Success
Open competition: defining the boundaries of water protection zones and coastal protection strips tobol river suer river ik rivers, lakes achikul, steppe lake, grand lake kamagan belozersky district, kurgan region
A survey found the post-school period - between 3pm and 5pm - is when children are most likely to suer cravings, with one in four parents saying their children have tantrums if they don't get the snack they want.
ere are too many people who suer from political tunnel vision.
Ealing scored their winning try two minutes from time, coming through 24-18, as Cov nished the game with 14 men following a succession of injuries which saw prop Adam Parkins taken to hospital for observation after being concussed in the rst half and Dom Lespierre suer a suspected broken jaw in his rst game back in the side after an identical injury in January.
Murray had impressed on his way to the semi-nals at Roland Garros only to suer his worst ever grand slam defeat at the hands of Rafael Nadal on Friday.
e ex-soldiers, who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Falklands and Northern Ireland, suer ashbacks, nightmares, depression and other on-going problems after witnessing the horrors of war.
The call centre worker heads o in search of food, but gets lost and starts to suer from heatstroke.