sufficient notice

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The trust was to endure until 1810, when, if no person appeared, or could be found, after sufficient notice, to claim the moiety so devised, then a certain sum, calculating the principal and interest of his debt to Colonel Effingham, was to be paid to the heirs-at-law of the Effingham family, and the bulk of his estate was to be conveyed in fee to his daughter, or her heirs.
People won't take sufficient notice of one, don't you know.
The appeal contends that the dispensary would violate city code requirements to maintain downtown's "historic, small-town nature," and says the city did not follow its own rules in providing sufficient notice to neighboring property owners about Silvey and Richey's application.
It is not unusual in any felony case, particularly fraud cases, for prosecutors to ask the grand jury to re-indict so as to provide sufficient notice to the accused as to the nature of the criminal conduct with which he is charged," Kent Schaffer and Brian Wice, the special prosecutors said in a prepared statement Tuesday evening.
Workers should have sufficient notice |of their shift patterns so they can make arrangements well in advance.
The government had asked Sebi to reduce the mandatory notice period to one day to cut down on speculation, but the market regulator said that it is necessary to give sufficient notice period to retail investors to arrange for funds.
As a result, the Company announced today that it will postpone its annual meeting, originally scheduled for May 20, 2015, in order to give the Series D preferred stockholders sufficient notice and time to review the proxy materials.
Contract Notice: The Authority~s aim and purpose of this tendering exercise is to allow us to webcast live via the internet from the Council Chamber any meeting which is included in the Council~s annual schedule of Council and committee meetings (which is published on the Council website) and any event or special meeting which is planned, with sufficient notice, which will be agreed with the Contractor and make available archive material which is a record of the webcast.
Monday's statement said: "If you have children enrolled in a school in the UAE, ensure you give sufficient notice in accordance with the school's admission policy and so that they are able to prepare a transfer letter or certificate for your onward base.
Other important tips to remember include checking for outstanding traffic fines, giving notice to your landlord in accordance with lease, and for parents, ensuring you give sufficient notice in accordance with the school's admission policy so they are able to prepare a transfer letter or certificate for your child's onward base.
The Tax Court disagreed, holding that Form 4868 "does not provide the Commissioner sufficient notice that the taxpayer is claiming a refund.
They said they were not given sufficient notice to make their case before Judge Penny's order was issued, and that, based on their concerns, the judge should set aside the order, or make payment conditional on the release of the couple's claims against them.