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The zippers on the bean bag chairs can be opened and children can then crawl inside, get trapped and suffocate or choke on the bean bag chair's foam beads.
He admitted "attempting to choke, suffocate or strangle" his wife on September 23 last year.
When a person sleeps in a car they won't be aware as to how long it might take for them to wake up and could potentially lose consciousness and suffocate.
Britains "morbid obsession with safety" and too much political correctness, bureaucracy and litigation are threatening to suffocate the country's entrepreneurial spirit, chairman of Channel 4, Luke Johnson, has warned.
Nineteen of their bodies were never recovered, entombed underground when the mine was sealed to suffocate raging fires.
Most sea life can't survive under these conditions: fish and other creatures swim away, while other aquatic life, like shellfish, suffocate.
Charitable choice will eventually suffocate the role of the church in being the voice that cries in the wilderness for those who are voiceless.
Plus, the ingredients that make up soda would suffocate a goldfish.
hamburger chain store Burger King said Monday it will recall the plastic toys featuring characters from the popular Japanese cartoon "Pokemon" distributed with its children's meals as they could suffocate infants under 3 years old.
The performative flow or stagnation of his systems are metaphors of the idea--perhaps the spirit--of meaning and substance in art, and the containers, connecting tubes, organisms, and artifacts that either breathe or die on the shelf remind us of our capacity as artists both to liberate and to suffocate that spirit.
During the confrontations, Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters and stun grenades toward the Palestinians causing many of them to suffocate , the Palestinian official added.
A MAN was jailed yesterday after force-feeding his girlfriend so many nuts she feared she would suffocate and die.