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Caption: Like the Boa constrictor (top), the rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria (bottom) kills its prey by cutting off its captive's blood flow, not by suffocating it.
Because he's gonna be acting like he's suffocating, which is not very different from actually suffocating.
A FRENCH nurse has admitted suffocating eight of her newborn babies and hiding their bodies at home.
They were found guilty of suffocating 69-year-old widower George Grant by ramming a sock into his mouth and tying it in place with a necktie.
ONE OF THE most popular, negative slogans of the Greek Cypriot side, in relation to the Cyprus talks, is 'no suffocating time-frames'.
He started to feel as if he was suffocating and called for help.
TWO men died yesterday after suffocating in the hold of a barge.
That's when the mother allegedly admitted to suffocating the child.
She had been drinking cider, whisky and wine at her home and had been put to bed by her partner, Shaun Jones, before rolling over and suffocating on her pillow.
Plants such as South African pond weed have already caused huge problems in Lough Corrib in Galway by suffocating water creatures.
Politicians are suffocating innovation and discouraging experiment and investment.
The movie, set primarily in 1980s East Germany, captures the suffocating fear and despair that gripped that country in the days when neighbors betrayed neighbors in the name of state security.