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A flash of eagerness suffused the face of Alexey Alexandrovitch as he rapidly wrote out a synopsis of these ideas for his own benefit.
A shadow crept over Rebecca's face and her eyes suffused.
The lady did not deign to remark him in her passage; her face was suffused with tears, and expressed much concern for the packages by which she was surrounded.
Pink Preference' is also delightful, its pink blooms suffused with a hint of yellow at the base.
Of course the new testament is suffused with lessons on love and charity; Jesus teaches us to forgive, to turn the other cheek, and to be kind and compassionate.
The Listed Upavon Stakes at Salisbury is always a hot race and Roger Charlton's three-yearold course and distance winner SUFFUSED (3.
Olivier Messiaen wrote his piano masterpiece Vingt Regards sur I'Enfant Jesus (Twenty Contemplations of the Infant Jesus) in 1944, surrounded by war in occupied Paris, yet the music is suffused with themes of love, colour, passion, silence and faith.
At once accessibly humanist and endearingly nerdy, suffused with a deep love of language and a quiet awe at the possibilities of human collaboration, "The Great Passage" tells a gently absorbing story about a team of editors who spend 15 years writing and compiling a new Japanese dictionary.
atrosignata Distant --Frons distinctly longer than broad, forewings with two red elongate marks near bases of sutural margins, many orange or red spots marked from basal part to nodal line, nodal line suffused with one transverse orange to red band T.
From tempting vegetable and salad dishes like yoghurt and spinach salad, via delicate cod with tahini to enticing upside down aubergines, stuffed roast meat and mouth watering walnut, pistachio and date pastries and molasses with sesame cream and fig jam, this charming book is a joy to cook from and is suffused with warmth and love for a distant land that, even in adversity, beguiles and inspires.
His recent work with Scotty Moore is recalled in Sun-styled tracks such as Midnite Train and Memphis, while the title track and Hotel Blues are suffused with mood indigo.
It seems impertinent to ask Maffre if she ever wanted to do anything else but dance, a passion that has suffused her limbs since she pestered her mother to take ballet class like her sister.