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This article discusses the method of development of algorithms for regression processing of geoelectric monitoring data in order to create predictive geodynamic estimates for suffusion processes using geomechanical models of caving.
The snout is darkened with a mixture of chromatophores and melanophores; the cheek is red with a slight yellow suffusion anteriorly, two faint yellow spots below the anteroventral margin of the eye; the ventral region of the cheek and the branchiostegal rays are a darker red.
Head blackish, contrasting with the upperparts, which are brownish-black with a suffusion of gray, especially toward the rump.
Symptoms could also include headache, suffusion of the conjunctiva and slight photophobia.
More women are present, a datum that Lee underscores with the warm suffusion of red.
Gottfried's second core claim in this book is that the conservative movement was tainted even before the rise of the neoconservatives because of its suffusion of "values talk" into its rhetoric.
When each accessory symptom of hypertension was assessed separately, efficacy was higher for hot flushes and facial suffusion in the TJ-15 group (Wilcoxon's rank sum test, p = 0.
The local men are key to Loti's suffusion of sexuality, allowing him to leap between general (group) and specific (individual) sites of potential desire.
And with the approach of night the whole of it, and she with it, seemed no more to be earthly, but clearer, more detached, more ecstatic, and stronger, so that when she came into the house from the garden out of all that suffusion of delight and happiness, she would fling her hands in the air and be nigh to singing a song aloud, though afraid to.
When you go to charlatan for a laying on of hands,or crystal therapy,or to sniff some suffusion or to drink a herbal tea, you have no such assurances.
Stewart admonished Hemans for the suffusion of melancholy in her verse, recommending that she "employ her fine talents in giving more consolatory views of the ways of Providence, thus infusing comfort and cheer into the bosoms of her readers.