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There was a healthful suffusion on their cheeks, instead of the ashen hue that had made them look so corpse-like.
But if this is true, I found the books better than their friends, and had many a heartache from their pathos, many a genuine glow of purpose from their high import, many a tender suffusion from their sentiment.
The necropsy revealed abomasal congestion, petechial hemorrhages and mucosal suffusions.
The caudal fin contains a mix of yellow and red suffusions with scattered melanophores, and the bases of the rays and the regions adjacent to them are red, forming a thin red vertical line over the ends of the hypurals.
1E, F): head yellowish brown, often tinged with red; yellow antennal segments I and II (apical 1/4-1/3 of segment II darkened); pronotum shiny black; mesoscutum and scutellum widely darkened mesad, with yellowish brown lateral margins; hemelytron hyaline, with dark reddish suffusions at apices of embolium and cuneus; dark reddish or maroon membrane veins; fuscous femora with pale apices.