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hooks's term suggests a wide variety of distinctions from the white masculinist gaze described by Laura Mulvey.
42) And perhaps Konrad Oberhuber's observation of the animals is what led him to suggest that the strange sleeping woman "watched over by a great boar" may be an "allegory of the sloth that leads to lechery.
Indicators of business capital spending suggest slower growth after a substantial increase in the first half of the year.
Their analyses further suggest that birds in the two swiftlet genera last shared an ancestor 2 million to 3 million years ago, says Price.
The fact that Zeta Leporis has an asteroid belt similar to ours suggests that the star might also have rocky planets like Earth.
The findings related to the present study suggest that students with a higher preference for passive leadership tend to get lower grades than those with lower passive leadership preference scores and this relationship would be consistent with the literature discussion of the dynamics associated with passive leadership.
In response, Buss suggests a more comprehensive theory for understanding sex partner selection, for both short-term and long-term relationships, from a biological perspective based in evolutionary psychology.
The data do not suggest that participants have completely abandoned orthodox masculinity or have redefined the ideal male and his role in society, including the role of men who are marginalised by being of relatively low socioeconomic status.
Leaning casually against a wall, it suggests a spirit level or ruler, one tool among many for measurement and planning, looking and making.
Even though this exception initially seems to provide an important exclusion for negative advice, a closer reading and analysis suggests it is very limited.
These results suggest that agonist-induced contraction in blood vessels can be enhanced by arsenic and that arsenite is the most potent form tested.
Yet despite the decades of research committed to understanding the dynamics of psychosocial adaptation, a review of the rehabilitation literature suggests a surprising lack of conceptual clarity and limited consensus about such fundamental questions as the nature of the process of adaptation and the appropriate conceptualization of outcome (Frank & Elliott, 2000; Livneh, 1988; Livneh & Antonak, 1997; Smart, 2001; Wright & Kirby, 1999).