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suggested itself as a constructive program of enlightened self-defense.
The notion of a courtyard house (traditionally an urban model) logically suggested itself as a way of editing the variable context and also as a means of connecting with the landscape by framing particular views.
Because he was shot as he walked along Princes Street, a variation on his album title suggested itself.
At the same time, though, it is likely that the connection between his fictional heroine and Naden may only have suggested itself to Wilde in hindsight, and that he (along with most of his contemporaries) only found out about the full details of Naden's life (that is, her connection with Hylo-Idealism) following her premature death.
From the hundreds of poets whose names must have been suggested or whose poetry suggested itself, he has pared the list to eighty, each represented by a few (from two to eight) poems.
Fresh" was the word that most suggested itself while watching Greg Doran's production, which is visually bright, alertly-acted and gives the impression that everything has been intelligently thoughtthrough from basics.
For example, I'm particularly interested in Peter Singer's work on animal rights and a Christmas dinner conversation on our right to eat turkey immediately suggested itself.
Another amelioration has suggested itself, however, over a decade later.
Poetry was indeed the practice that had suggested itself, as I thought of the way images return, reburnished and refocused, at the important junctures of lyric experience, so that whether these are the permutations played on water over rock or the distances between clouds, ranges of emotion are tested against the choice of a limited lexicon within any given poet's work.