suggested meaning

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In Carson's poetry," Denman asserts, "the suggested meaning lies not outside and around a single image, as in Pound's formulation for Imagist poetry, but is located somewhere between two or more images that become the co-ordinates of a conceptual space" (34).
If these contextual factors are sufficiently restrictive, limiting the communication of the appropriate suggested meaning only to those cases where it is intended by the poet, then they are indeed invariably connected with the intent to express that meaning, and can serve as the basis for a valid inference (if not, the verse in question would be ambiguous, and hence faulty).
While Anandavardhana clearly takes rasa to be the prototypical and most important variety of suggested meaning, he hesitates to make rasa and rasa alone the essential goal of all poetry, taking dhvani in general (i.
The music changed, the titles and the works' suggested meanings changed; the movement vocabulary did not.