suggested plan

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The suggested plan for Aigburth was the most radical in the 105-page report before the decisionmaking board.
The Government of Indonesia has decided to use SEA as a tool to assess the impact on the environment and find recommendations for improvements and alternatives to the suggested plan elements, and has asked Dani
In the suggested plan, the spire would be framed by two box cubes with a line of trimmed box below, making the garden look somewhat larger than it is.
Modi suggested plan to induct retiring Army jawans into paramilitary forces
The suggested plan for service speed is to begin from 2MB.
Tracking and monitoring of vendor list, visitor numbers, impacts on local economic development * Future phasing - suggested plan for expanded pop-up network * Proposed unique name for pop-up network (e.
They discussed a suggested plan of action for bilateral cooperation, setting out cooperative programs and mechanisms as per specific timetables, said Assistant Secretary General of the GCC for Negotiations and Strategic Dialogue Abdulaziz Al-Owaisheq.
Erdoy-an criticized the CHP's suggested plan for "being represented as if it was a new and original plan, even though it was one that Turkey had been working on since March 2011, and which was also mentioned in the declaration released after a meeting of world powers on the Syrian crisis on June 30.
It offers a suggested plan for providing language services and examples from healthcare providers.
Which brings me to my real point: the suggested plan to reduce the Premiership from 14 clubs to 10 has caused hundreds of rugby people months of worry and stress; this includes committees, sponsors, supporters and, more importantly, the players of the clubs involved.
The appendix pulls together a suggested plan for starting the process of selling oneself within an organization using the exercises for self-evaluation and improvement.
forces in Japan told Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada on Thursday it would be difficult to realize Okada's suggested plan of transferring the U.