suggestio falsi

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SUGGESTIO FALSI. A statement of a falsehood. This amounts to a fraud whenever the party making it was bound to disclose the truth.
     2. The following is an example of a case where chancery will interfere and. set aside a contract as fraudulent, on account of the suggestio falsi: a purchaser applied to the seller to purchase a lot of wild land, and represented to him it was worth nothing, except for a sheep pasture, when he knew there was a valuable mine on the lot, of which the seller was ignorant. The sale was set aside. 2 Paige, 390; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3837, et seq. Vide Concealment; Misrepresentation; Representation; Suppressio veri.

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Although the exhibition has been given a title to ensnare the young--"The Creation of Celebrity," with its suggestio falsi that there is nothing much to choose between Brad Pitt, Puff Daddy, and Elton John on the one hand, and Edward Gibbon, Edmund Burke, and Doctor Johnson on the other--they are not deceived.
Noting that there are Anglo-Saxon burials within the area of The Mount Roman cemetery at York and leaving the impression of a link, without noting the long chronological gap between the two, sails very close to suppressio veri suggestio falsi (p.
The suggestio falsi occurs in forms amusingly different.