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SM has since removed the suggestive shirt from its stores.
H3 = The brand extension with suggestive name is better assessed than the brand extension with descriptive name when the perceived similarity of the MM and ME service is high (high vs.
This means training in suggestive selling, cross-selling techniques and customer relationship building.
Patients enrolled in the study were aged between 18 and 45 years when they had a first neurologic event suggestive of MS that lasted for at least 24 hours, and at least two clinically silent lesions, 3 mm or larger, on a T2-weighted brain MRI scan.
Stickers with suggestive comments including "bend over big boy" were given out at the freshers event for first year students this month at the Gorway Road campus of Wolverhampton University.
Sexually suggestive ads and bad ads not only mislead consumers and harm public health, but are socially corrupting and morally depraving, and directly discredit the radio and TV industry,'' the government watchdog said in a statement.
Furthermore, skulls and limb bones at El Sidron display cut marks suggestive of butchering and show crushed areas, presumably where brains and marrow were removed during cannibalism, the scientists say.
Part cookbook, part history of Canadian winemaking, part suggestive guide for dinner and wine tasting themes, Rendezvous is a superb resource for anyone seeking to create just the right, unforgettable mood.
Hence, any impulse purchasing has to be generated by the checkout associate, generally in the form of suggestive selling.
Such businesses risk exposing children to suggestive sights and sounds, and they can encroach on public rights-of-way and increase traffic, noise, litter, drug and criminal activity, officials said.
The Company's strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback.
In general, insects have a taste somewhat suggestive of nuts, such as almonds.