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The wit, elegance, and complex suggestiveness, however, call for lingering on the passage, prolonging its appreciative contemplation: conditions for specifically aesthetic experience are thus enhanced.
Emerson elaborated this critique in an assessment of Goethe's Meister novels, Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship (Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre, 1795-96) and Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years (Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre, 1829), works that seem unexpected candidates for repudiation given the uproar over Werther, with its powerful presentation of raw and destructive romantic passion, and Elective Affinities, with its skeptical treatment of marriage and its teasing suggestiveness about adultery.
The use of sexual suggestiveness by Axe has resulted in an increased ad or message recall but not the brand recall.
Quite what its suggestiveness will do to first-date innocent couples though is anyone's guess.
It was a convenient dodge but somewhere down the road the court is going to have to confront the larger issue of how far the government can and should go in curbing the use of naughty words and sexual suggestiveness on the public airways.
And as demonstrated by the thoughtfulness and suggestiveness found in her earthenware forms, the results are compelling.
The creepy suggestiveness of her 1986 video for "Open Your Heart," which is far less overtly sexual than "Girls Gone Wild" (which isn't really saying anything), still teetered between being titillating in ways that seemed more than a little bit dirty.
Reliability, as the Court defines it, does not take police suggestiveness into account.
And when modern readers say we want literature to offer "figurative reach," or "emotional richness," suggestiveness or multivalence, we are also talking about something we want the language to do for us.
It is a decision that does justice to the playful suggestiveness of Carson's work and the extent to which it invites multiple readings and recursive interpretations.
Could this manner of visual suggestiveness have been a condition or way of securing funding for the making of the film?
In excavating a genealogy of fame and celebrity in India, Majumdar privileges orality, speculation, and the suggestiveness of star gossip.