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Concrete surely never suggests itself to most as the best media to accomplish 'almost nothing', to inspire awe with empty, open space.
An answer to a clue suggests itself to my subconscious, and I write it in (in light pencil)--and mirabile dictu it turns out to be right.
20) immediately suggests itself because it has only six runners and one of them is Palm Pilot, who looked a promising type for nurseries over this sort of trip when she made her all-weather debut four weeks ago.
A bottling plant suggests itself there will be water on the floor.
The idea suggests itself when you study the absurdly small root ball of this top-heavy genus, as displayed by an uprooted giant at 18th and Friendly streets.
And so, the question suggests itself, why can't men just say what they're thinking?
An analogy suggests itself with Yeats's "Easter 1916.
A substitution of metals by thermoplastics suggests itself wherever the profitable properties of metal are not fully exploited.
The question that now suggests itself is whether any justification can be found for running two factories in Mexico when one might clearly do the trick.
A question that suggests itself at the very outset is whether these diverse locales--spaced variously in time are amenable to a single "pedagogy.
But if complex intercommunicating feedback systems at the edge of chaos can generate emergent new forms of organization, as such distinguished new scientists and philosophers as Ilya Prigogine are now saying, and as Shakespeare suggests, then a different economics suggests itself, one which can increase the net amount of value in the world.
Activity that suggests itself or is recommended to the defense team can be examined in terms of the likelihood that it will advance the case toward the long-term goal.