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Instead of suing, the patient, a high-level federal official, ended up appreciating his straightforward approach, he says.
The suing party must in fact rely on the information.
I've never heard of a company suing an executive in the absence of a signed agreement or proof he leaked trade secrets,'' said Scott Landsbaum, a Beverly Hills attorney who specializes in toy industry law.
Also, some plaintiffs who have already received an asbestos settlement wind up also suing for silicosis, Behrens said.
The case is unique partly because it defies the usual tenor of disputes involving property owners and associations, which typically involve associations suing owners to enforce rules.
The Patient Protection Act allows individuals to sue their health plan while limiting damages and prohibiting the individual from suing the employer, unless the it was directly involved in making a medical decision.
That approach, however, was dealt a severe blow in March, when the family of a murdered Chicago policeman suing under that theory lost its case against a gun maker.
Proponents of Proposition 64 say unscrupulous attorneys are abusing the law by simply suing companies to generate a settlement.
It is ironic that these Fortune 500 high-tech companies are suing their property insurers for more than $1 billion to cover the cost of remediating Y2K problems in computer systems that they probably designed and programmed years ago.