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Receiving that early shipment of Sharps ammunition, our Captain James Young of the Fifth Kansas Cavalry armed with the Starr carbine wrote to the office of the Chief of Ordnance: "I have made some experiments with the arm for the purpose of determining the suitableness of the Sharps Carbine cartridge for it and find that this cartridge is too short; the chamber of Starr's Carbine being longer than that of the Sharps, and the consequence is, the explosion of the cap does not always ignite the cartridge.
Just like the word economy, the word 're-casting' was subject to a long discussion with regards to its suitableness and as to precisely what it entails; other like words that were proposed by the speakers and participants include 're-embedding', 're-insertion' and 'reconnecting', all of which indicates a general sense that economics as understood and practiced today has been disembodied or divorced from the real needs of the society within which it operates.
It is difficult to improve on the terse definition in the 1810 Encyclopaedia Britannica: "Decorum, in architecture, is the suitableness of a building, and the several parts and ornaments thereof, to the station and occasion.
2012) recently outlined a series of "best practices" for identifying fossils to use as calibration points in divergence dating studies and are here cited as a guide for the evaluation of the suitableness of Itea fossils for use as calibration points.
For example, multinational firms can replicate their products, brands, and operations in other markets due to their capabilities and suitableness of selected new markets.
John Polkinghorne has discussed the suppleness of our world, and its suitableness for a life of soul making.
The high proportion of AD participants with scores over the 98th percentile on the SCL-90R suggests that further research to investigate the current use and suitableness of screening measures for identifying comorbid psychiatric issues within addiction services would be warranted.
The national-ideological efforts to recuperate a heroic past were vitiated by the all too ready suitableness of Gothic superstition for literary exploitation in the Gothic mode.