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For example, the semiconductor industry uses ultra-pure sulfuric acid to clean silicon wafers.
This combination not only rehabilitates the deteriorated structure, but also creates an unfriendly and uninhabitable environment for Thiobacillus bacteria growth, which will eliminate the formation of sulfuric acid, that we now know to be the real culprit in wastewater collection system deterioration.
The swollen polyethylene samples were subjected to sulfuric acid of varying concentrations from 2.
The company also said it would restart operations at its El Dorado sulfuric acid plant, which was damaged in the explosion.
Over 2 tonnes of sulfuric acid flew through the gate of the plant and onto a busy road outside, toppling several motorcycles and injuring at least six people, police said.
Release date- 18072011 - Outotec has signed a contract with OJSC Almalyk Mining & Metallurgical Company for the design and delivery of a gas cleaning and sulfuric acid plant to AMMC's existing copper production facilities, located near Almalyk, Uzbekistan.
The products of hydrolysis methods were then used for preliminary economic estimation using essential criteria such as sugar production yield, sugar production to sulfuric acid consumption ratio and microbial inhibition level.
The coupons were retrieved at 3 hour interval progressively for 24 hour immersed in different concentration of hydrochloric and sulfuric acid.
The two parties have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for two years of operation and maintenance of the plant, which will treat up to 550,000 tonnes of copper concentrate per year and will produce about 250,000 tonnes of sulfuric acid.
To learn more about how soot develops an affinity for water, Khalizov and his team examined the properties of soot aerosols exposed to gaseous sulfuric acid.
A new sulfuric acid plant built by China Energy Recovery Inc.
Industrial production of sulfuric acid requires that sulfur dioxide be further oxidized to give sulfur trioxide, which produces sulfuric acid when dissolved in water.