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One reason feminist groups didn't turn Daphne Sulk into their new poster girl may be because she'd refused to have an abortion.
And if he doesn't, you'll have a brand new conservatory to escape to while he sulks elsewhere.
Just when Modi's backers were celebrating his elevation the patriarch has gone into a sulk leaving partymen at a loss
Barrie J Davies is hosting a mass sulk outside Cardiff's City Hall on Friday
He's done it before and you know how long he can sulk there.
You say he's childish, but you probably mean adolescent - and adolescents sulk for ages when hurt.
Winter pansies grow best in well-drained, slightly acid soil and in areas that see the best winter sun - in shade they may sit and sulk until the spring.
They don't sit around and sulk or throw the toys out of their pram if they don't make the team.
We can either sulk about it - we didn't sulk last year - and we can't sulk this year.