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Now, no sulks, ye see; keep stiff upper lip, boys; do well by me, and I'll do well by you.
I believe the silly fellows must have thought they would break their shins over treasure as soon as they were landed, for they all came out of their sulks in a moment and gave a cheer that started the echo in a far- away hill and sent the birds once more flying and squalling round the anchorage.
I see that Basil is in one of his sulky moods, and I can't bear him when he sulks.
I thought to myself, "She will consider her first attempt at taking a lesson in English something of a failure;" and I wondered whether she had departed in the sulks, or whether stupidity had induced her to take my words too literally, or, finally, whether my irritable tone had wounded her feelings.
Haven't I been sounding your praises in her ears, and bearing her pretty sulks and peevishness all night for you?
It's lucky for you that I am not so easily put out as some of them would be by your deaf-and-dumb sulks.
If anyone has a right to sulk it's former England striker James Beattie, shunted off Sky's Goals On Sunday programme at the last minute to make way for Mourinho.
READ IT THE day Mum didn't get dressed, Dad called her a 'wild thing' and she stropped off upstairs for a sulk in the bath.
Cabaye will have to play for the reserves if he continues to sulk after Arsenal's PS12million bid for him was rejected.
She'd sulk, shake, whine and sometimes, if I made the mistake of dropping her lead, run away.
When I sulk I keep myself to myself, eat a lot of junk food and don't really do too much
Winter pansies grow best in well-drained, slightly acid soil and in areas that see the best winter sun - in shade they may sit and sulk until the spring.