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Then he sulked a bit, so it made it easier to hold him up.
London, June 16 (ANI): Ivory Coast striker Salomon Kalou has claimed that too many Blues stars sulked and were preoccupied with finding out who was in the side and who wasn't, and this prevented Chelsea from winning this year's Premier League title.
Two-fifths - 40 per cent - said they had sulked after losing as a child, while 20 per cent said they had cried.
Around two fifths of parents said their child sulked after losing a match, while a fifth said their son or daughter had cried.
The 22-year-old sulked as his sibling smooched with the stunning brunette during England's Six Nations clash against Italy at Twickenham.
The peas have been dismal, and my first lot of brassica seedlings sat and sulked till the flea beetles finished most of them off.
The day after he was laid off from Burlington Industries 20 years ago, after 37 years on the job, Allen Brandt went home and sulked.
All the other players - the Rooneys, Gerrards and Lampards - just sulked off.
1952: A Liverpool woman was granted a divorce because her husband sulked and refused to speak to her for long periods.
While previous leaders in liturgical development such as Bishops Donald Trautman of Erie, Daniel Pilarczyk of Cincinnati, and Maurice Taylor of Galloway, Scotland, the chairman of ICEL (International Commission for the English Liturgy), publicly sulked and expressed their unhappiness, the great majority of American bishops have set their shoulders squarely behind the new direction indicated by the May 2001 document.
An unknown terror sulked in the background, awaiting its moment to strike.