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There's no need to be like that, Mr Leggatt," said Makee-Learnie, sulkily.
Condemning the policy of reticence as "a stupid dog-in-the-manger one," the article charged that "it suits official uppishness and the pride of police subordinates dressed in a little brief authority to snub and to thwart the representatives of the press, and to be either sulkily silent or barrenly communicative.
Never once has he lost his cool, and he remains in that fastdiminishing group of trainers who have yet to react sulkily when questioned on a subject they've no wish to discuss.
He declared sulkily in correspondence the harbour was "a vile spot" and the island was an "infernal hole".
Dean and Gordon bond over beer, telling hunting stories, while Sam rejects the glorification of killing and sulkily returns to the motel room where he is kidnapped by one of the "good" vampires who brings him to Lenore so that she can explain their situation; he is then safely returned to the motel and argues the vampires' case with Dean.
Instead, he nodded sulkily and pointed to the blackboard where a chalked word proclaimed that this was, indeed, "Communications.
Supposedly "Bob" and "Roberta" were separately responsible for the displayed pieces, with Roberta fashioning nests (like the one described above) and Bob sulkily causing chaos--dropping cowpat-like lumps of concrete on the gallery floor--or watching a small television painted red except for a little porthole onto the screen and tuned, on my visit, at least, to the news (Partial TV).
do not grow each to his own liking, till they run against one another, and then turn back sulkily, but by a watchful instinct, far apart, they anticipate their companions' courses, as ships at sea, and in every new unfolding of their edged tissue, guide themselves by the sense of each other's remote presence.
The least worthy course would be to retire sulkily to the backbench, with a view to creating trouble for Mr.
While the rest of the family sit gleefully in front of the new television, Colin trudges sulkily back to his bedroom mumbling that he wants no part in this frittering of the tragic inheritance, an amount he believes to be a pittance given his father's years of service to a health injurious occupation.
I can't believe I brought my real parents to our wedding," he adds sulkily.