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While he was thus in two minds, the Trojans came up to him with Hector at their head; he therefore drew back and left the body, turning about like some bearded lion who is being chased by dogs and men from a stockyard with spears and hue and cry, whereon he is daunted and slinks sulkily off--even so did Menelaus son of Atreus turn and leave the body of Patroclus.
They all gave a shrug and an Indian grunt of acquiescence, and went off sulkily to their village, to lay aside their weapons for the present.
I've not had my 'pology," said he sulkily, glancing in my direction.
He slapped his sword back in the scabbard and went and flung himself somewhat sulkily on one of the green banks.
She picked up the leg sulkily and led her cow away, the poor animal limping on three legs.
The carter seeing that he had thus lost all that he had, went down into his kitchen; and was still not sorry for what he had done, but sat himself angrily and sulkily in the chimney corner.
I followed them rather sulkily to the table at which Strickland always sat, and he called for the board and the chessmen.
He had several times during those years come up to me and tried to make friends; but I had always turned sulkily away and refused to have anything to do with him.
Very well," said Fred, sulkily, taking up his hat and whip.
This was Michael's first food, for he had sulkily refused to go near the potatoes.
If you want to eat and drink, order the victuals at once," replied one of the runners, sulkily.
When a real bird falls in flop, he spreads out his feathers and pecks them dry, but Peter could not remember what was the thing to do, and he decided, rather sulkily, to go to sleep on the weeping beech in the Baby Walk.