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He could not turn his face to the wall and sulk, he had to speak when he was spoken to; nor could he help being interested in the conversation of Duane--the first educated man with whom he had ever talked.
Confound her, I couldn't make her see that sudden passion is an ex- tenuating circumstance in the killing of venison -- or of a person -- so I gave it up and let her sulk it out I DID think I was going to make her see it by remark- ing that her own sudden passion in the case of the page modified that crime.
Then he would withdraw growling viciously, backing away with grinning jaws distended, to sulk for an hour or so.
Scotch regiments can endure for half a day and abate no whit of their zeal at the end; English regiments sometimes sulk under punishment, while the Irish, like the French, are apt to run forward by ones and twos, which is just as bad as running back.
In the sun-time, when the world is bounding forward full of life, we cannot stay to sigh and sulk.
It was doubtless that same sister who told me not to sulk when my mother lay thinking of him, but to try instead to get her to talk about him.
Shaking his head and growling, the lion at last moved off again in the direction they had been traveling; but it was an hour before he ceased to sulk.
Well, if you will be so bitter against me,' replied she, 'I can't help it; but I'm not going to sulk for anybody.
I retired to the smoking-room, to smoke and read in a corner, and to watch von Heumann, who very soon came to drink beer and to sulk in another.
I'd sooner you'd tell me to my face as you make light of me, than try to make out as everybody's in the right but me, and come to your breakfast in the morning, as I've hardly slept an hour this night, and sulk at me as if I was the dirt under your feet.
He blows up over the smallest issue and then sulks for days and won't talk to me.
He blows up over the smallest of issues, then sulks for days on end and punishes me emotionally by not talking to me.