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SULTAN. The title of the Turkish sovereign and other Mahometan princes.

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With respect to the Omani Embassy building in Sanaa, he added that the Sultanate is keen on ensuring compliance with international law.
During the meeting, both parties discussed how to support cooperation and coordination between Dubai Customs and the Commercial Office of Sultanate of Oman in Dubai to develop the trade between the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman by providing the best customs facilities for development of trade between the GCC States according to the objectives of the Customs Union for GCC States.
He also hailed the efforts done by WTO Secretariat General to ensure the success of the second revision of the Sultanate s trade policies.
7 on account of the sale of its investment in the Sultanate of Oman.
The officials of the Omani pavilion provided information and presentations of the most important tourist sites and excerpts from the history and heritage of Oman, as well as providing brochures and publications that help to promote and publicize the tourist places in the Sultanate.
He highlighted the major opportunities at Duqm Economic Zone and the importance of the Sultanate to be a centre for the US companies operating in export, besides touching on some economic indicators.
The Sultanates pavilion is characterized by its large area and its design, inspired by the Omani environment, nature and architecture and covered various topics.
Talib al Refaie, Secretary-General of the Arab Tourism Organisation, said that the Sultanate focuses on niche tourism market rather than focusing on the number of tourists.
The Estonian Prime Minister said in a speech they were preparing for the visit for nearly the last 9 months to discuss aspects of cooperation between the Sultanate and the Republic of Estonia in many areas, such as education, higher education and security of information technology, which were widely welcomed by the Government of the Sultanate.
Al Nu'amani thanked the ambassador for the sincere efforts he exerted during the period of his work in the Sultanate to enhance the existing bilateral relations in all fields between the Sultanate and the sisterly People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, wishing him continuous success.
The minister said the participation of the Sultanate comes with the aim of promoting the tourist infrastructure of the Sultanate and highlighting the region s tourism and services that contribute to the tourism development, to highlight developments in the tourism and service sector, and attract more tourists from home and abroad.
This was stated by Ali Akbar Sibawaih, the accredited Ambassador of Iran to the Sultanate, during a press conference yesterday.