sum charged

See: cost, expense
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Despite its location, it attracts plenty of runners - the pounds 15 horse entry fee is half the sum charged on the English side of Offa's Dyke, and being a once-ayear venue it provides fresh ground, which next week will be all grass (it is not unknown for the running line to include a field of root vegetables).
In its judgement the court accepted the allegation and ordered Cellcom Israel to repay its customers the sum charged for the service, approximately ILS22m, plus interest and linkage differences from the date of each payment made by the subscribers, amounting to ILS200,000, and a fee for the plaintiffs' attorney equal to 10% of the sum to be repaid plus VAT.
It's twice the sum charged by Gordon Brown's guards when he was PM.
S]): less than the (nominal) value of the unit price can be used by them, giving the deduction from it of the sum charged by the fiscal authorities--labelled [DELTA][P.