sum stated

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The Base Bid is the sum stated in Bid for which Bidder offers to perform Work described in the
5% of the population live, enjoys 13% of the overall sum stated in the decree.
But that deal is due to expire on December 31 and must be renegotiated before then or Hammam could argue that it should revert to the sum stated in either of the previous agreements.
These promise to pay a sum stated at the outset without any bonuses generated by stock market or property investments.
A spokesman for CIS said: "Once items are locked away in a garden shed or garage, we consider them to be contents of the home where they will be covered up to the sum stated in the home contents policy.
With Southgate thrown in it would have valued the deal at pounds 12 million, the sum stated as the buy-out value in Makaay's contract.
As the amount that I get is smaller than the sum stated, I went to the pensioners office to ask why.
The hospital apparently recognized the validity and merits of the patient's claim and settled Kith the patient upon payment of the sum stated.
Sum stated, "Joe represents for us that next level of experience and expertise an expanding company needs.