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We needed a console that can keep pace with our busy and dynamic production schedule, and the Calrec Summas were the perfect choice.
Ziya Magomedov, chairman, Summa Group, said:" We welcome the partnership with DP World, the global leader in port infrastructure and management, to develop free trade zones in Russia, CIS and beyond.
Summa will attend two upcoming signings in Nashville at UTOPiA in June and the Authors at the Opry in September.
The Statsbiblioteket website says that Summa is currently in use as a search system rather than an administrative library system.
This title really brings out the defining features of the Summa Theologica," he says.
La Summa del maestro Felipe, Canciller de Paris durante la primera mitad del siglo XIII (1), expone un texto de orden organico-sistematico que en su fisonomia especulauva revela el proposito de consutucion de un saber de metodologia filosofica.
At Summa Health System its primary health information system, Eclipsys SCM, along with other key clinical applications are distributed to caregivers via a Citrix published application strategy.
There's men and women and there's someone in between, and that's who I am," a muxe named Felina told Los Angeles--based photographer Ann Summa, who created the portraits of muxes--aged 14 to 40--in this portfolio.
Guillermo Jose CAMBIASSO, El deseo de entender la verdad en la Summa contra Gentiles de Santo Tomas de Aquino, Educa, Buenos Aires 2007, 447 pp.
Summa Summarum is an advanced mathematics text discussing how to efficiently evaluate finite sums and combinatorial identities.
Abstract: This paper considers the printing of Pacioli's Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita (Summa) in 1494.