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Climate data provide longer temporal applicability, but remotely sensed data that summarize aspects of surface reflectance can provide finer spatial resolution, and may measure aspects of ecologic landscapes that climate parameters alone may not capture (40).
She not only summarizes her findings in tables and narrative form but also talks about the implications of her findings for librarians who make decisions about search engines for Web sites.
Summarize media releases--show how many releases are in the works and issued on a monthly basis.
Charles Murray addresses the issue of family formation focusing on illegitimacy and single family life while Lawrence Mead summarizes what is described as a conservative approach to welfare.
I am pleased to present the 1999 Ninth Circuit Environmental Review, which conveniently summarizes in one location the significant cases in environmental, natural resources, and Native American law decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1998-1999.
This report from Canada (Environment Canada) summarizes observed trends in the net anthropogenic sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in Canada, as well as the methodologies used to estimate them, and associated uncertainties.
Six provinces currently issue sales tax return reports that summarize the activity in the taxpayer's sales tax liability accounts.
In future issues of the Journal, we will summarize EITF consensuses issued after March 15, 1992, and emphasize important consensuses issued before March 15, 1992.
is the latest effort to summarize the state of research on the organism.
These country case studies are augmented by three excellent chapters by the editors that provide a framework for the book and secondly summarize trends and draw conclusions.
Describe and summarize all environmental studies and issues;
Computers are often used to summarize information for financial statements and the auditor should understand whether the client has a setup program that specifies how accounts processed by the computer are summarized and included in the financial statements.