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Representative quotations from our interview sample are summarized in Table 3.
Single copies of the full text of each of the studies or papers summarized in the BULLETIN are available without charge.
In summary, the 3 days in Annecy provided a comprehensive progress report of the field, one that may be summarized by Mark Twain's words, "Interesting if true, interesting anyway.
He summarized the historical and political underpinnings leading to the creation of the Multistate Tax Compact and the Commission.
Project work is being conducted at UA and is summarized in AFS Research Report #2.
The industry's performance in 1989 and forecast for 1990 were summarized by Duke DeLong, Delray Steel Casting, and chairman of the SFSA marketing committee.
These results are summarized in Tables O, P, and Q in the Appendix.
Medstory provides users who are performing health-related searches with an instant dashboard of information, summarized from Medstory's real-time analysis of their search.
Advances in attendance, graduation and academic achievement are summarized.
Responses to both questions for those companies for which both the CEO and the senior tax person responded are summarized in Tables 7 and 8.
The closely summarized global market discussion offers a recapitulation of all recent mergers, and acquisitions.
Findings from the Delaware Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, tracking progress of 717 children from kindergarten through third grade, are summarized to demonstrate that investments in early care and education lead to improved school success.