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Miller (Institute for University Studies) provides a ninth edition of his book on business law fundamentals based on summarized cases.
It uses pre-set inclusion and exclusion criteria to select articles or data sources that will be summarized in the review
As CBS News summarized, Rumsfeld "was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq -- even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks.
Kuyucak explained that feeding rules for steel castings have been summarized in terms of the number of thicknesses that can be fed (NFD') vs.
Over the course of the next few months, the submissions will be summarized, clarified, and evaluated," Schmidt said.
They are to be commended for the excellent job they have done this year in analyzing and summarizing the often technical and complex cases decided by the Ninth Circuit that are summarized in this edition of Environmental Law.
In her 23-page opinion, Johnson summarized the two dozen broadcast and newspaper reports about the investigation of Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky and noted that many included attributions like ``prosecutors,'' ``sources with knowledge of the investigation,'' ``the prosecution acknowledged,'' ``law enforcement sources'' and ``Starr's deputies.
The approach is best summarized by Catherine King in her chapter about women patrons: "Looking at commissioners of art and architecture involves treating art history as a broad discipline where the study of who initiated works of art and their uses and meanings is as important as consideration of the artists and techniques used to construct them" (2:243).
The results summarized below reflect the experiences of 35 health care executives with consultations they defined as having failed to adequately meet their expectations.
We recommend that MRQ revise its reporting in respect of taxpayer's tax accounts summarized on the remittance forms to include: the opening balance in the taxpayer's account, payments received on account, the amount of tax assessed for the period, interest assessed, penalty assessed, and the closing account balance relating to the preceding reporting period on the remittance forms for the current period.
Good use is made of probate inventories, and recent work on parish registers is summarized.
The properties of this precipitated silica (BXS-245) and results of statistically designed studies for BXS-245 and a fumed silica reinforced silicone rubber are summarized.