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Essential Summarizer produces automatically a summary with a set of relevant sentences.
IS_SUM: A Multi-Document Summarizer based on Document Graphics and Lexical Chains.
A CLASSIC goof was recycled at the opening match of the cricket World Cup (Sky Sports 3) when the commentator said: "The summarizer is Holding, the third umpire's Willey.
Pierre was a good chairman, an incisive summarizer of discussion, and a ready listener; but if the matter was not something that he felt strongly about, he would simply defer to the minister in charge.
Automatic Text Summarizer and fully automated reporting function with output capability in PDF, MS Word and/or HTML formats
com)-- EffectiveSoft unveils Intellexer IE Summarizer plug-in, a software tool that generates a summary of any web page in English and extracts concepts from the source text.
For example, one student will write down the three most important ideas from a text as the Summarizer, and another student the three most important questions from that same text as the Questioner.
A Flexible Multitask Summarizer for Documents from Different Media, Domain, and Language.
Summarizer - Provides a summary of a given text block or URL, ideal for content management systems
During that time, the QCA group's output included 30 patent applications and the transfer of several technologies to the Xerox Software Division (XSoft), including a text retrieval engine and a trainable document summarizer.
com)-- EffectiveSoft has presented Patent Summarizer app and uploaded it to the iTunes App Store.
The evaluation that was carried out showed the system in comparison to other similar applications, demonstrating its feasibility as a semantic graph generator and document summarizer.