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One of our ambitions for the summer camp is to work actively with teachers to up-skill in coding and other creative tech, such as Raspberry Pis, so they can get involved with the summer camp and then take these skills back into the classroom.
The minister said that such Science Summer Camps and vacation programmes give students an opportunity to learn about science through interactive activities which are very important in this era of Science and Technology.
Miandad further added that the month-long summer camp would damage the player's fitness and could make them pale due to the extreme hot weather.
Working as an Au Pair - Anyone who loves children and fancies being a globe-trotter can have the best of both worlds with the many Au Pair opportunities that USA Summer Camp has to offer.
Encourage your kids to learn a vital skill this summer by booking them a place on Sharjah's Coral Beach Resort's summer camp.
Canon ME will offer a range of rewards such as printers and cameras to the highest achievers from among the thousands of ICDL summer camp participants.
Each day at City Summer Camp is a fun-filled program ranging from arts and crafts, T-shirt designing and painting GAP Kids, cookie decorating at Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel, bowling at Magic Planet, Wahooo
Commenting on the launch of the Alba Annual Summer Camp, the company's Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt said: "Alba's Annual Summer Camp has been popular with our employees and their families.
Kamal Al Bakri, General Manager of Cairo Amman Bank said: "Cairo Amman Bank is committed in providing all the necessary support to KHCF and the Summer Camp project.
50,000 young people have participated in the Summer Camp programme since it was
Research on the benefits of summer camp has conclusively validated 150 years of conventional wisdom.
Summary: With the prices of gasoline, clothing and food on their way up, it's no surprise that the cost of sending kids to summer camp is also steadily rising.