summit conference

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BEIRUT: President Michel Sleiman has been invited to take part in an extraordinary session of the Islamic Summit Conference in Saudi Arabia next month.
This is meant to give the Iraqi capital a beautiful image during the next Arab Summit Conference," the statement, issued by the Acting Lord-Mayor for municipal affairs, said.
Although the Heads of State of Governments from all the member countries have arrived for participating in the summit conference, Indian Prime Minister Dr.
The Israeli Prime Minister has cancelled a planned trip to Washington next week for President Barack Obama's nuclear security summit conference.
Leaders Summit Conference is considered one of the most high profile economic events with 60 speakers include prominent executives and decision-makers from different countries of the world taking part.
CAMARILLO - Ventura County officials are asking senior citizens to register for a Senior Summit conference scheduled for Oct.
In its first annual Security Issues Survey for the debut of the Software Security Summit conference in La Jolla, California, BZ Research polled 6,344 software development managers about the security of different popular enterprise operating environments and Linux and open source consistently topped Microsoft Windows, according to respondents.
The TAG will next meet during the week of March 4 at the Paper Summit Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
February 2-3--Non-Ferrous Founders' Society, Summit Conference, Hilton Naples and Towers, Naples, Florida.
I urge WTO members, in particular the United States, to demonstrate their commitment to put health before wealth by changing and clarifying the global patent rules at the forthcoming WTO summit conference.
IN THE SUMMER OF 1997, AS COOL wisps of fog swept across Berkeley's warm hillsides, Bruce Fuller kindly agreed to come indoors and host a week-long summit conference on charter schools.
HOUSTON -- The China Petroleum Summit Conference offers an opportunity to learn more about China's growing energy market, and network with senior management in the China petroleum, petrochemical and LNG industries.