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The season of summitry has so far been dominated by calls for action over Islamic State's attacks in Paris and Mali, and bombings in Lebanon.
For Obama, the latest flurry of summitry illustrates how his effort to 'rebalance' US policy toward Asia-Pacific countries has consistently run into the geopolitical reality that the persistently volatile Middle East cannot be ignored.
12) I go on to explore nontraditional security initiatives originating from the G20 summitry that overlap with the former, identifying transfer/nontransfer of arrangements and frameworks to the larger body.
China and the European Union (EU) have just wrapped up their latest round of summitry with a series of cooperation deals and a firm commitment to dovetailing their development strategies and further boosting bilateral win-win cooperation.
From Ukraine to Greece, events have led the continent from the frying pan to the fire and back again, with all of the attendant summitry, declarations, and brinkmanship.
But while Brands is impressively detailed in recounting Reagan's summitry with Gorbachev and his aggressive tax cutting, he is perfunctory when discussing Reagan's role in, say, the environmental movement and non-Soviet foreign policy.
Washington and Moscow acted more from recognition of weakness than assumptions of strength, and both Reagan and Leonid Brezhnev subscribed to variants of peace through strength, while Gorbachev and Reagan turned to engagement and summitry.
This includes everything from cooperation to combat non-traditional security concerns such as infectious diseases and organized crime to multinational humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/ DR) training missions, from institutionalized summitry to gatherings of defence college heads.
The EU-CELAC summit so far is just a new label for an old and well-established mechanism, the EU-Latin American and the Caribbean summitry.
Multilateral summitry lends itself to familiar gibes about wildly expensive photo opportunities, set-piece speeches endorsing pre-cooked lowest-common-denominator communiques, and more time devoted to parading around in silly shirts than to policy substance.