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The staging, complete with dunes and a host of enchanting lightbulbs, all adds to the sumptuousness of the whole night.
In fact, even the sheer number and sumptuousness of the costumes seem to have risen this year.
I love the deep-buttoned high end wings of the Wiltshire bed from Barker and Stonehouse, which would add sumptuousness to any room.
The untrammelled sumptuousness of courtly life stands out in the highly elaborate furnishings and personal apparel, such as women's silk ceremonial skirts embroidered with gold thread and men's outfits in the finest cotton and silk brocade.
The delicate, thinly cut strands of sumptuousness almost melt in the mouth.
Maryam Ali prefers the routine of fasting during Ramadan to the sumptuousness of the Eid spread.
52) Coins and seals portrayed the king as a gardener, whose gardens housed trees, plants, and animals from all corners of the empire; the subject peoples were symbolically invited to participate in the sumptuousness and variety of the king's table.
As the proverb has it, "A private garden should have a section of rustic wilderness; if it merely dazzles by its sumptuousness, the vulgarity of it suffocates one's breath" (Lin, 1942, p.
A water pipe, made of gold and richly decorated with enamels, reflects the sumptuousness of royal accoutrements.
Sumptuousness or luxurious living, which the capital sin of lust originally addressed, is today better known by such terms as status seeking, conspicuous consumption, living on credit, and debting.
1639) clearly foreground sumptuousness in a manner attuned to the fashion consciousness of elevated Caroline audiences.
And maybe the buyer will hang it in their bedroom and lie in silent solitude soaking up its tortured sumptuousness.