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Siemsen describes the incarnation as "the wondrous song that God has sung to and through the cosmos.
Douglass's songs were sung in "complaint" for "souls boiling over in the bitterest anguish," but they were also sung as "a prayer to God for deliverance from chains.
And the hymns themselves, as McNally argues, when sung today seem intended to evoke pride and attachment to Ojibwe language and identity among the singers and listeners.
Almost all of Korean art criticism refers to Sung as an outsider, but he's managed to achieve massive credibility and a magisterial body of ephemeral, difficult work, much of which was reconstructed for this sprawling, lovingly curated retrospective.
19] During the dismal period of their Babylonian captivity, the Hebrew peoples quite understandably could have lo st their enthusiasm to sing happy songs of Zion and, in the interest of their own safety, also may not have publicly sung songs of protest and struggle for liberation from Babylon.
Sippin' Cider" and "The Bear Song," which are both sung to the same tune, are two examples of call and response.
The premise is that the major key always prevails and all minor keys should be sung in terms of the relative major.
This new song must be a reflection of the wondrous song that God has sung through and to the cosmos.
Another time the Messiah items had to be sung unaccompanied because visiting musicians failed to turn up.
David is an exquisite singer," says opera star Marilyn Horne, who has sung many of the same roles that Daniels now performs.
For the first seven centuries everything that was publicly vocalized in liturgy--not just songs, but readings and prayers--was sung or chanted.