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So far, says Smith, he and his colleagues have identified a total of 400 species living in the five whale fall communities that his team has either discovered or sunk in a small area off southern California.
The third crew member, Roy Aitken, has also come forward to claim the fishing boat was deliberately sunk.
The initial 333 m of shaft were sunk using conventional pluggers and benching techniques for an average advance per sinking day of 2.
A SECOND crewman on the fishing boat Karianda last night claimed it was sunk deliberately after the loss of its sister ship Solway Harvester.
But yesterday a second Karianda crewman, Roy Aitken, came forward to say the scallop dredger had been deliberately sunk.
The boat will not be retrieved, having sunk 1,000 feet, Fisher said.
Famed undersea explorer Robert Ballard has topped his discovery of the Titanic by finding and photographing the USS Yorktown, a Navy aircraft carrier sunk 56 years ago in the World War II Battle of Midway.
It was the first time a ferry from Tanzania's state-owned fleet had sunk.
The California Department of Transportation shut down subway work last week after surveyors discovered that the road surface had sunk 3.
Disclosure of the new tunneling trouble comes just three weeks after MTA and state officials acknowledged that the same section of freeway had sunk three inches because of Metro Rail tunneling.