sunshine laws

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Sunshine Laws

Statutes that mandate that meetings of governmental agencies and departments be open to the public at large.

Through sunshine laws, administrative agencies are required to do their work in public, and as a result, the process is sometimes called "government in the sunshine." A law that requires open meetings ordinarily specifies the only instances when a meeting can be closed to the public and mandates that certain procedures be followed before a particular meeting is closed. The Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C.A. § 552) requires agencies to share information they have obtained with the public. Exceptions are permitted, in general, in the interest of national security or to safeguard the privacy of businesses.


Administrative Agency; Administrative Law and Procedure.

sunshine laws

noun availability of government documents, availability of government information, availlbility of governmental records, freedom of information laws, freely available government information, open access to government information laws, open government laws
Associated concepts: Freedom of Information Act
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Our Sunshine Laws provided me the guiding light with which to show my Afghan and Iraqi counterparts the way to stability in government and instilling confidence in the citizenry through transparency.
104) Despite its dedication to public records, despite its groundbreaking Sunshine Law, despite its constitutional public right of access to information, Florida's less than stellar free press history in the U.
To avoid these penalties and costs, manufacturers should consider proactive steps to comply with all applicable Sunshine laws.
That process can almost be automated under a Sunshine Law.
The Sunshine Law applies to all public records, "whether written or electronically stored.
A careful look at sunshine laws and open processes might result in much stronger candidates for many presidencies, according to Ross's Ch.
For example, Florida's Sunshine Laws grant Floridians the right to request copies of all public records, including e-mail, and receive them in a timely manner.
He provides useful suggestions, especially when state sunshine laws must be taken into account.
They are going to have to be more aggressive in wielding the twin axes of FOTA and state sunshine laws.
Relying on sunshine laws, White was able to get a copy of the meeting transcript to refute the accusation.
Specifically the Sunshine laws are a set of guidelines, which ensure public access and exposure to governmental meetings concerning public matters, the name being derived from the phrase, "Let the sun always shine on government.

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