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We should be thankful for the paucity of American extremists, given our superabundance of weapons.
This is reflected in the fact that, unlike the term "excess," which generally signifies something undesired or gratuitous, "surplus" remains a neutral term whose value depends upon the contexts in which such superabundance might be put to use.
About Paradisus Dei: Founded in 2001, Paradisus Dei helps families discover the superabundance of God within marriage and family life.
The combination of so many available cavities in the dead trees (thanks to the woodpeckers), the shelter of fallen logs, the superabundance of insects drawn to the burst of new flowers and shrubs, and nutritious leaves and seeds from post-fire shrubs, is why so many different kinds of wildlife thrive in forests after a large, intense fire.
We catch ourselves wondering if his reality is simply more interesting than ours and feel eager to experience this superabundance of sounds, sights, events, emotions, among which the poet lives.
In Keynes's illusory world of superabundance, an increase in total money expenditure will indeed increase employment and real income, because all the resources needed for any production process will be available in the correct proportions at current prices.
Liverpool does not have a superabundance of open space.
This is how we deal with the superabundance of information online.
It was almost as if Ethridge were insisting that the superabundance of images constituting our visual culture is wifathomably complex, and that by way of grappling with this manifold, his production is necessarily inconsistent.
In 2013, there was, simply, a superabundance of brilliant pictures and sterling performances.
Its superabundance of retirees would certainly tend to fuel such an engine.
In 2008 we released Superabundance, we got a couple of Top 40 singles and the album included our most synched track Turn Tail; something to do with the big string section, I reckon.