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What takes a little longer to appreciate - and then lingers longest - is the way the Superb gets under you skin.
The Superb scored highest for legroom and interior design, the Toyota Rav4 was top for driver's seat comfort and the Volvo XC60 was best for trim and materials.
The Skoda Superb sedan and Skoda Superb Combi will be rolled out with additional safety features and improved connectivity solutions globally from the end of May 2017.
The sports chassis with its two level electronic stabilisation control ensures that this Superb always feels well planted no matter how tight the bend in the road, and the all-wheel-drive ensures that all the power goes straight to the highway rather than being lost in a flurry of spinning wheels and torque steer.
The Superb has built its reputation on its limousine-like dimensions offering passengers the sort of leg room other manufacturers can only dream about, and the latest generation of the car has even more room.
Like all modern cars, the Superb has a stop-start system but while most re-start when your foot leaves the brake pedal this car fires only at the point when your foot presses the accelerator, a delay which can be a little unnerving at busy junctions or roundabouts.
Skelton took over the fiveyear-old's training from Charlie Mann this season, and Superb Story hit the bullseye at Wetherby on his stable - and handicap - debut.
Costing Rs 25,000, Kent Superb features a touch interface and has inbuilt microcontroller to identify impurities in water.
That's not the case any longer, with the Superb getting petrol engines like the excellent downsized 124bhp 1.
To not follow would leave the Superb battling over some very meagre scraps.
I might think that the spaghetti bolognese I cook for my children is superb and they love it - but to others it's nothing special.
If you like the sound of a Skoda with real presence, you're probably going to love the MK3 model Superb.