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On engines required to operate at altitudes sufficient to cause a power drop to less than sea-level output, supercharging can compensate for the loss of air density by forcing a larger volume of air into the cylinder.
Because of the extremely lighter weight and internal supercharging system, the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Airplane Engine is also ideal for unmanned aircrafts, providing the ability to fly faster, higher and farther to destinations that are normally impossible to reach.
Audi AG (Audi), a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), is equipping its vehicles with Eaton Corporation's (Eaton) (NYSE: ETN) supercharging system.
The supercharging system is provided from Eaton's Twin Vortices Series, which features Roots-type positive displacement design, with two four-lobe rotors that are twisted at 160 degrees.
The system is an evolution of Eaton's long history of innovation in engine air management, primarily in supercharging.
which offers a variety of automotive performance products including complete supercharging systems that will be showcased on our new engine model.
Cerent Corporation, the company supercharging SONET transport networks, today announced that Sho-Me Power has selected the Cerent 454(tm), the industry's first Multi-Service SONET/SDH Transport Platform, for deployment in Sho-Me's high capacity fiber optic transport networks.