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The message of female solidarity in the struggle for survival, within the context of the poem, has to be seen in relation to the superciliousness of men, a relation that inheres in the poem's dedication and is further typified in the doctor's insensitive utterances in the first stanza of the poem.
In a display of callous superciliousness, young Matt moves his mother out of the Baird home's master bedroom and into the carriage house.
WRITING ABOUT THE popular culture of Irish America would seem to offer a field day for superciliousness, roughly analogous to the knowing pleasure many find in watching the Miss America pageant just to feel superior to the saps who still take it seriously.
Biswas's pathetic insignificance even as a child, but Naipaul makes his superciliousness a distinct aspect of his character:
I do feel better for it, but I'm not sure if this is the result of increased seratonin, added energy, or just the cocky superciliousness that comes from having "worked out".
His dining room may define opulence, but there's not a whiff of superciliousness to the man commandeering the kitchen.
Newberry pilloried city council, and the citizens of Victoria more generally, for viewing antique shops with "a condescension almost bordering on superciliousness or disdain.
He adds, with the superciliousness only a Europolitician can summon up, "We could just as easily have kept this silent.
This is how Ronald Lewin describes the catastrophic effect of superciliousness in military affairs in his book The Life and Death of Afrika Korps:
In its abstraction about human affairs, in its condescension towards the past and the "other," and in its superciliousness towards religion, the Enlightenment inculcated qualities in the human mind that are flatly inconsistent with the yearnings of the human spirit.
If you want the continued superciliousness of Mr Blair & Co, then please get up and vote for him.
His slight superciliousness combined with an air of mousing among precedents greatly impresses his clients.