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I would argue that Dionysius has only one negative theology, a via negativa which is based on a mystical, nonconceptual grasp of God's transcendent supereminence and is opposed to all conceptual, affirmative, positive theology.
20) Until heaven, then, when the divine mystery will be directly present to our consciousness, God cannot be known essentially by any creaturely kind of knowledge, since no creature whose being and essence are distinct can represent the God whose being and essence are identical, for every creaturely bit of knowledge is limited to some finite aspect of reality and thus cannot represent God's infinite supereminence.
Rather, Aquinas is convinced that by moving from effect to cause--that is, by using quia demonstration--we are able to make meaningful, positive assertions about the supereminence of transcendental 'goodness' in God conceived as substantial being.
While Aquinas insists that theological discourse account for God's supereminence, Scotus claims that transcendentals do not refer to God until joined with the notion of infinitude' (74).