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The importance of the accidental is also part of superficiality and spatialization, as discussed in chapter XI, cf.
It's hard with a child of 14 when they are hyperconscious of how they look and made fun of or made conscious of their bodies at school, to turn them away from superficiality and tell them it's actually the character that's more important.
In Nut Du (Only You), Bausch's look at the American West, she seemed more bemused than troubled at the superficiality and self-infatuation she saw in the New World.
While the scope of the project necessitates superficiality, Wells and the Oxford Press offer the general reader an appealing, lavishly illustrated volume.
In "Epicurus at the Food Court" he shows that the modern shopping mall, despite its image as a public gathering place designed for the pursuit of pleasure and other personal interests is, in fact, a place where people are manipulated to pursue superficiality and the goal of impressing others.
The more they rejoice in their superficiality, the less sympathetic these gaudy characters become.
Such a culture, he fears, breeds smugness, shallowness, and superficiality.
Consulting ten different textbooks, he found "sloppy definitions, specious moral equivalencies, the uncritical perpetuation of myths about terrorism, descriptive unanalytical filler, superficiality, and banality.
Having said that, for all the superficiality of the Confronter's approach, footage of trainers hawking their wares like dodgy used-car salesmen does not do racing or themselves a great deal of credit.
The chief weakness of the site is the superficiality of the documents.
Instead, he winks at the reader about how his own tendency to succumb to the pressures of pack journalism contributed to the "stunning superficiality of American politics.
As in all "short but comprehensive" books, it is the superficiality and the easy accessibility of the text that makes it ideal for residents, especially young ones.