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Wednesday's announcement that the Council of Ministers had taken a decision to promote medical tourism was in line with this tradition of superficiality.
The Ukrainian model, in her documentary titled "Space Barbie", said she has come to Earth to save the world from superficiality and negative energy.
Almost halfway through the second decade of this millennium, we should surely have cultivated a more mature attitude towards each other - instead of judgement based of superficiality.
It's an interesting attempt to transpose the essence of the original, but the superficiality of the character development and particularly of the whole cultural importance of the prom, are somewhat irritating.
Carr maintains that the Internet encourages distraction and superficiality.
SEPP BLATTER deserves plenty of credit for helping to bring this World Cup to South Africa, but sometimes the superficiality of the man is breathtaking.
The story is about a gang of young people who turn their backs on the emptiness and superficiality of contemporary society to find or create a better place and a better way to live.
They made a fortune along the way, played with the stars and exposed the industry for its superficiality along the road.
In both his stand-up performances, and during interviews, he would attack mainstream politics, consumerism and superficiality.
Beyond the superficiality of the public relations spin, our proud city has never experienced such a growing gulf between the council and its citizens.
All that was initially on offer was second rate superficiality and, in the face of intense pressure from Stockton, we were warned that it was our only chance and that nobody else was interested in the centre of a stigmatised town in terminal decline.
It is in LA where Ishiguro strays into unfamiliar territory, writing about the superficiality of Hollywood stars and the price of ambition.