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These columns are now the only superficially porous columns on the market that have organically modified silica support for high-pH analyses.
Especially when it's just six months after a superficially fairytale wedding.
They may end up with another strongman, who superficially provides security, but who'll alienate the wider Afghan public and make the Taliban resurgence more, not less, likely.
Changhua, Taiwan, has patented a cleaning mixture designed to clean superficially adhered substances.
TONY Blair, as we saw from the days when he was the prime minister, is a past master at constructing a superficially profound speech or presentation which, on detailed analysis, contains absolutely nothing.
Despite being sprayed with a volley of 150 shots, the General was only superficially cut by flying glass.
THE Tories have superficially reinvented themselves in a bid to win power, but there is no substance to them.
However, Vauxhall is determined to make its offering different and, superficially, the two are common in silhouette only.
Howley's actions belie her superficially hard-line position.
Holland, MI -- "The FDA's recent decision to allow over-the-counter status for Plan B 'emergency contraception' for women age 18 and over may be superficially appealing but it is a step backward in women's reproductive healthcare," according to a press release from the American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) (Aug.