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Superfluous "Fats" should not be perceived as undesirable but because the major food guides do not incorporate them in food categories, they are included in the superfluous category.
We are all guilty of using superfluous words, and maybe it is time to think before we speak.
One of the primary dependent variables characterizing the DOE would be the concentration of superfluous contaminate material introduced into the holding tank.
What the so-called hard men of football have to do with this matter I could regard as superfluous.
The Beatles are a band that kids take to almost instantly, which makes a children's cover album almost superfluous.
1) EEA manage to mix logic and functionalism with those secret ingredients--sex and the superfluous.
Also, the court accorded little weight to the absence of a sinking fund as a security device, as it found this factor and the lower court's emphasis on the fact that the advances were unsecured to be superfluous.
Having reviewed Harris's work on a number of occasions (a superfluous exercise), this writer knows that author doesn't surprise so much as wink or show a little shoulder.
Stubble/like the tide at ebb/lingers at a line of clover the machinery/could not reach, or ignored/as superfluous,//blossoms of pink and white/like beach glass/ground in the wind.
One local columnist pointed out that since some of the group's members had indicated their belief that God had already decided to remove the incumbent Labour Party from power, it seemed a little superfluous to spend so much money working to defeat it.
They instantly recognize that words that are underscored and perhaps appear in blue are navigation links, so click here is superfluous.
Johnson's promising work clearly displays her imagination's debt to science--based on this early sample, it's a relationship that would seem more than rich enough to feed further inquiry, and one that makes contrived references to art history seem mostly superfluous.