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htm) purchased her newborn baby Blue Ivy Carter a $3,500 crib and Marc Jacobs sneakers -- New Yorkers often spend superfluously on their children by coughing up $30,000 yearly for private schooling, for example, the study found.
by choosing a superfluously controversial resolution.
It's the worst business decision I've ever made," Brown told reporters this week, a bit superfluously.
WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania: Upstairs in Ken Marquis' art gallery and framing shop, you'll find a strange, cloistered world populated by a toothy dog chomping on a Frisbee, an enigmatic mermaid reclining in a pool of oil, and some guy named Barack Obama, superfluously announcing that "I AM A PRESIDENT.
For superfluously robust, and perhaps, because of that, too costly products, application of FOAT can establish the unnecessary low probability of failure in the field.
Deverbalizing source language speech while listening also implies focusing on the core information, on the nucleus being uttered by the speaker, thus neglecting the ornamental flourish of too formal speech; that is, eliminating from the interpreter's mid and long-term-memory every superfluously additive canopy that may hamper retention of the really essential discourse thread.
Children who receive rewards too frequently and superfluously will not develop persistence; instead, they'll quit when the rewards disappear.
I would not act wrongly in enforcing a contract that will be financially disastrous for you and superfluously beneficial for me, given my already immense wealth--but doing so would be bad, given its effect on you and what it says about my character.
He stated that the best kind of phlebotomy was natural, "For nature while it is in health, rightly gouerneth the state of the body and doth expell thence whatsoeuer superfluously aboundeth or is corrupted.
On her grimy blouse, stains were always visible, from mother's milk dripping superfluously from her breasts.
We've had "yuppie" and "metrosexual" and now we also have "chiconomics", which a newspaper - not this one - superfluously explains is a clever hybrid of "chic" and "economics".