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The opening of this section of superhighway is an important part of our mission to get more Londoners cycling safely, offering a fantastic new segregated route for thousands of people making a trip from north to south.
I learned about this proposal to build an international superhighway from reading about what was happening in Texas [where the Trans Texas Corridor, a part of the NAFTA Superhighway, is already under construction].
Travel on the interplanetary superhighway works with gravity, not against it, he explains.
In 1998, despite an enormous upsurge of people online, the concept of an information superhighway appeared in only 945 articles in major newspapers.
The Superhighway Strike is an illusive fantasy, always over the next cyber-horizon.
As the base of Web users continues to explode, the debate will continue to rage as to whether or not the information superhighway is a road to financial glory.
Therefore, it seems quite possible that the next direction along the information superhighway will be the direction of increasing productivity.
But the real story is where industry is firmly united: against the two basic concepts that would ensure that the public, not a few huge info-conglomerates, can decide what will be on the information superhighway.
We certainly don't want to be roadkill, or a driveby shooting victim, on the information superhighway.
official Randall Murphy, discussing their communities innovative approaches to the information superhighway.
The Information Superhighway is like a high-speed elephant," Weis says.
The information superhighway is being built incrementally, sometimes lurching forward, sometimes sidetracked by false starts and failed deals.