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A compound which has a plane of symmetry, or alternatively, has a superimposable mirror image, is called "achiral.
How does a fold itself determine "thin" and superimposable depth, the paper fold defining a "minimum" of depth on our scale, as the image of a pleated fan casts a sense of depth in front of the image of a wall?
Like our hands, the mirror image of these molecules is not superimposable.
Emission and excitation wavelength scans of the peak of a student's urine sample at the retention time of BPA (peak 2 in Figure 1C) were superimposable with those of BPA (Figure 2).
In these external spaces, Foucault writes, "we live inside a set of relations that delineates sites which are irreducible to one another and absolutely not superimposable on one another" (p.
The untranslatable space thus becomes the space for action on the part of the reader, which introduces different meanings, sometimes discrepant, often superimposable, into the text.
If you compare the two curves over a shorter interval, such as 50 to 100 days, they are nearly superimposable, implying thru for short periods of time it probably doesn't matter what theory of tumor growth is used.
Site and species clusters are never completely superimposable.
As Brooks shows, the narrative disposition of tropes has its simulacrum in the disposition of the psychical drives, so that the "study of human fiction-making and the study of psychic process are convergent activities and superimposable forms of analysis" ("Idea" 341).
IMA of proteins of different sizes and physiochemical properties yielded linear calibration curves that were essentially superimposable, suggesting that protein standards could be used to quantify other particles of unknown concentration.
des]) curves are superimposable indicating a reversible sorption, which is favourable to the regeneration process.
6, the plots for all the three films are found lo be superimposable until a penetration depth of at least 40% of the film thickness, see the inset of Fig.