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It results from Figure 4 that, for a given initial lead concentration, the two cycle sorption/desorption curves are almost superimposable, particularly for the highest inlet concentration.
Four additional PK measures (Cmax, Tmax, T 1/2 and mean Ctrough) provide further support that the PK profiles of PROLASTIN and PROLASTIN-C are essentially superimposable.
Since spectra of HSA and of HSA-TQ are superimposable, we can state that the binding of TQ does not alter the secondary structure of HSA.
Thrombosis rates with the two were superimposable upon those of BMSs out to about 18 months.
Alain Golay of University Hospital, Geneva, presented a new analysis of the previously presented 1,036-patient randomized RIO-Lipids trial showing that both the benefits and side effects of rimonabant were, reassuringly, essentially superimposable upon those of RIO-Europe.
Interestingly, for RA, for the fast-release formulation the 2 curves were practically superimposable.
Immunohistochemical analysis detected bacteria in valvular vegetations in a location superimposable with that detected by Warthin-Starry staining (Figure 1, panels C, D).
In addition, unlike the HA-producing PC3 tumors, tumor growth curves in the control and the PEGPH20 groups were virtually superimposable.
noted that the adjuvant radiotherapy efficacy and toxicity results in this trial were nearly superimposable upon those of a recently reported randomized trial from the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer involving 1,005 men with advanced prostate cancer (Lancet 2005; 366[9485]:572-8).
Location of bacteria was superimposable on that in the Warthin-Starry--stained specimens, and clusters of microorganisms were seen in the inflammatory areas (online Appendix Figure, panel D).
Moreover, the spectra of the derivatives of Cys with SBD-F and SBD-BF, recorded with a Perkin-Elmer MPF 44 A spectrofluorimeter, were practically superimposable, suggesting that our new reagent SBD-BF is a suitable precolumn derivatization reagent for reversed-phase HPLC fluorometric determination of thiols.