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This change produced an enormous amount of debate and research in the legal, constitutional, economic, political, and social fields: the profile of institutional change highlighted in this essay is related to how institutional changes of that level are, almost by definition, introducing some degree of superimposition of values and legal hybridisation.
The superimpositions laid on their minds result in radically different interpretations.
I had superimposed a bug onto this area of carpet, but the superimposition disappeared upon closer inspection.
The computer-assisted system for photographic superimposition offers a highly effective method to demonstrate consistency (or inconsistency) between skeletal features and facial photographs.
In a similar way, especially in the opening half of this twenty-five-minute film, Hiler interlards lengthy superimpositions with one or two shorter shots in a rhythm of alternating poly-optic and monoptic phrases.
But whereas film superimpositions yield a flattened space, Auder's swirling images seem immeasurably deep and vertiginous.
Later, her works gradually became more abstract, as she cut cloth into rounded, organic shapes, focusing on negative space, superimpositions, and the contrast between flat, two-dimensional pieces of fabric and others that are stuffed and full of bulges.
The texts were printed in superimpositions and the pages appear as a tangle of indecipherable typographic characters, with the exception of the final page, which coincides with the beginning of the story.
Jarman recycled footage from both films for In the Shadow of the Sun (1974), an hour-long masque of indeterminate rituals set in a maze of fire, rephotographed to achieve elaborate superimpositions and a shifting palette of golden-red variations.
In a mediascape where digital photography has become ubiquitous, desensitizing the average viewer to staged or unlikely superimpositions, Quinlan's analogue approach can seem outmoded.
His work, ranging from his collaged and hand-painted "Early Abstractions," 1946-57 to the diaristic Late Superimpositions, 1964, exhibits incredible diversity.
play atop grids and gradations of color, appear as misaligned superimpositions, perform incomprehensible narratives, and generally run amok.