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The form that I seek to obtain is the "form as proceeding" of which Coleridge spoke in the Biographia Literaria, while trying to avoid the "shape as superinduced.
The same is true with respect to the business of common carrier which holds such a peculiar relation to the public interest that there is superinduced upon it the right of public regulation when private properties are affected with public interest, hence, they cease to be juris privati only," Erice stressed.
c) That other Natural authority which I call limited is the Parental power which Certainly till the necessity of Civill Authority was superinduced upon it, was very large yet limited, not only by Civil Constitution, and Government superinduced, but even in its owne Nature;
From within the ten years' silence of 1832-1842 (an era of Tennyson's own sort of "unpoetry"), Tennyson was living out one particularly painful problem with perfectly correspondent organic form, that nothing will come of nothing, death's superinduced non-shape.
I fear the seemingly incredible story which I am about to relate will be regarded as the result of a distorted intellect superinduced, possibly, by the glamour of unveiling a marvellous mystery, rather than a truthful record of the unparalleled experiences related by one Olaf Jansen, whose eloquent madness so appealed to my imagination that all thought of an analytical criticism has been effectually dispelled.
7) There, the court held "where real estate is actually invaded by superinduced additions of water, earth, sand, or other material .
Nature seems to have originally meant them to be women; but, by some cross-accident, as happens in the production of monsters, the external male form has been superinduced upon a female stock" (2:443).
10 concludes by stating that superinduced supercharacters from parabolic subgroups are essentially twisted super-permutation characters (again using the generalization of the inflation map).